Everything You Need to Know About the Compass Pro App

The most accurate and efficient directional Compass App for Android, designed to cater all your travel directional needs.
Are you a passionate hiker or adventurer with a poor sense of direction? This Compass Pro App might be the best solution for you to enjoy exploring the outdoor world. With comfort and ease, this compass app will equip you with a helpful emergency tool wherever you go.
Use this mobile compass application for business, recreational, or educational purposes. Go on hiking, camping, mountaineering, or road-tripping activities alone or with your friends.

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Compass App by KitApp has a simple yet excellent app design. This app serves as a great tool for transitioning users from traditional to digital habits on travels and even for educational use. Compass App's design includes Cardinal (East, North, West, and South) and Ordinal (Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest) gyro pointers with Azimuth angles in degrees. Functions are easy to understand, allowing smooth navigation even for beginners or those non-technical individuals.

Offline Features

Your mobile compass app comes in handy wherever you are. Once appropriately installed on your mobile, you don't need to worry about your location whenever traveling to cities, islands, and remote areas with low or no internet connectivity. You can still feel secure with your site since the app's essential functions, and features are available and usable even offline. Head north with no interrupting Ads or connectivity problems.

Free to Use

This app is 100% free to use. With this compass app for direction installed on your device, a map, and your adventurous spirit: you can explore and enjoy every step of your journey without any worries. This Compass App is a must-have on your phone.

Share Location

Using the Compass App, you can easily share and send your current location via message to your travel buddies, family, and friends during your trip. Sending your Full longitude and latitude details in decimal degrees is possible when you get the Compass Pro App by KitApp. You can also share your google address and map location. What an easy meet-up solution when one of your troupes got lost or separated along the way.

Find Your Location

Avoid disorientation during outdoor activities, driving, or travel. Paired with a map, Compass Pro App by KitApp will assist you in exploring unfamiliar routes and places. Find your way in and way out by discovering option routes available without any difficulty. With its compass and map combined feature, you can use this also to track your distance to your destination and plan your trip wisely this time!

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Why Use Compass App on Android Devices?

Most smartphones might already have a built-in compass, and a physical compass is just a purchase away. Why should you download Compass App by KitApp and install it on your device? First, if you do not have a built-in phone compass yet, you better download one now. It is a handy emergency tool for traveling and daily use when the unexpected happens.
If you already have a built-in compass app on your phone, this is most likely equipped with only essential features and might need calibration from time to time for accuracy. Compass App by KitApp allows features beyond the primary compass direction and is linked to your phone coordinates without needing to calibrate from time to time. And lastly, compared to your physical compass purchase, Compass App is 100% free.

How does it Work?

By now, I’m sure that you might already want to download this app. However, you might still be pondering how this app works. Compass Apps works with the use of its built-in magnetometer that is directed to the Earth's magnetic field. That means you’ll have an accurate calculation and direction to the north. So, rest assured that you can trust your directional safety while journeying remote locations.

Why is it Worth Downloading?

Why should you choose Compass App by KitApp among all available applications? Two things: Accuracy and Compatibility. This compass app is an accurate mobile compass linked to your phone's coordinates and location. When it comes to compatibility, Compass App layout and features are easy to understand and easy on the eyes. Unlike other applications that overload you with information. Compass Pro App shows data and features that are vital in telling direction. No fuss and no buzz.

Watch this video to give you a better perspective on how our Compass App works.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s 100% free to use with no hidden charges or additional in-app purchases to get other functions. Download Compass App from Google Play for only 4MB size, install it on your device, and there you have it, an emergency kit app ready and available to use anytime and anywhere.

Once downloaded, it will require you to allow location sharing for more accurate readings and measurements. Allow this location service, and you can now easily use the app. Its additional location-sharing feature can be found in the top left portion of the app.

If you’re traveling to a remote town with limited technology, you get sidetracked and lost along the way. One of the most remarkable things about this app is it works offline! You can still use the App's Basic features without internet or data activity.

You must always refer to the red arrow since it always points to the north. If you want to know the ordinal or intercardinal directions, including the Northeast, a simple guide is to point at the middle of each cardinal direction.

For compass applications, your manner of calibration can affect the accuracy of the compass direction. Next would be the environmental changes, such as the surrounding devices that emit more excellent electric signals that may affect or impair your device's accuracy.